Fresh out of prison, reformed white supremacist Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) must stop his younger brother going down the same path as he did before it's too late.

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Filming Locations Title

American History X was shot in and around Los Angeles, California.

Coffee Shop at the end of the film [ Map | Photo ]

Address: Johnie's Coffee Shop, 6101 Wilshire, Los Angeles, California, USA

Derek and Danny go for a drink and newspaper before Danny goes to School. While there Derek learns Seth and Cameron were beaten and he must talk to his old crew.

Please Note - This coffee shop is now closed for buisness, however the building still stands. You can see the inside layout through the windows as this location is rented out for use in movies.

This filming location was also in:
Big Lebowski, The | Miracle Mile | Reservoir Dogs

Venice High School [ Map ]

Address: Venice High School, 1300 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, California, USA

We see Venice High School briefly at the end of the movie, after Derek escorts Danny to school.

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