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Welcome to the request board. Here you can request for filming location information for your favourite scene/film. Just enter your request in the form below. Once approved it will appear on the site, along with Jeff's response. Please note, I get a lot of requests and can't answer all of them (especially if I can't find where the location is!). But all requests are logged and I will get back to you, but it may take some time.

SORRY: Requests for info on filming locations is down at the moment, however it will return soon. I promise!

where is camp crystal lake located at?
Requested by lee smothers for the movie friday the 13th series

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Lee, I've now found Camp Crystal Lake and added it to my database. Please read what I wrote on that page as it's not really a location you can just go and visit. Thanks, Jeff

House boat on the lake
Requested by Kira King and Sam for the movie Sleepless in Seattle

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi, The house boat Tom Hanks and son live on in the movie is situated on Westlake Ave N (West side of Lake Union) in Seattle. Unfortunatly I can't find an exact address at the moment. Thanks, Jeff

Where Jor-El Send's His Son Kal-El To Earth
Requested by Mike Elliot for the movie Superman

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Mike, For the filming of Superman they built Krypton (and also Lex Luthor's underground lair) on a sound stage at Pinewood Studios in the UK. Thanks, Jeff

need to know a diner where Harry and Lloyd meet Seabass at and a restaurant called Dante's Inferno if it exists.
Requested by gaby for the movie Dumb and Dumber

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Gaby, I'm having real difficulty finding Dante's Inferno. But will continue to keep my eye out for it. The Diner where Harry and Lloyd meet Seabass was filmed in a diner called Mama's Kitchen (I'm led to believe Barlow Road) in Fort Morgan, Colorado. I'm not sure if the Diner still stands or not, but it's not trading under the name Mama's Kitchen anymore. Hope this helps. Jeff

The bowling alley The Dude plays in throughout the movie
Requested by Victoria Calkins for the movie The Big Lebowski

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Victoria, I'm afraid the Bowling Alley (Hollywood Star Lanes in Los Angeles) is no longer with us. It was demolished in 2002 and a school was built in it's place. However, I've been told that the bright stars from outside the Bowling Alley have been moved to inside of The Lucky Strike Bowling Alley on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles. Although I can't confirm this. If by any chance you visit Lucky Strike (or anyone reading this!) and can confirm this I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Jeff

The interior of Victor Maitland's home.
Was one of the former owners of this house Bugs Moran?
Requested by Joe Hunt for the movie Beverly Hill Cop

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Joe, I'm sorry I don't know the answer to that. If anyone does please let me know and I'll forward the info on. thanks

The hotel in which she goes with Hugh Grant only for him to be 'called away' on business. Would like to know if is actually a hotel and where the location is.
Requested by Helene for the movie Bridget Jones' Diary

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Helene, You'll be pleased to know the hotel does actually exist. It's the Stoke Park Club in Buckinghamshire. I've now included a map on my Bridget Jones Movie Locations Page. Thanks!

I would like to know if the interior scene of the fictitious brokerage firm of Jackson Stienem was actually filmed in the World Trade Center.
Requested by Tony for the movie Wall Street

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Tony, It appears that it wasn't filmed inside in the World Trade Center. Both Jackson Stienem's and Gordon Gekko's offices were filmed at 222 Broadway, which is just 1 block from where the Twin Towers once stood. It's where Vesey St and Ann St cross Broadway at the "Canyon of Heroes". Thanks

The bath house where Xenia tries to kill Bond for the first time. Do you (or anyone else) know where this bath house is?
Requested by Sebastian for the movie GoldenEye

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Sebastian, I'm having trouble locating that location at the moment. If anyone knows where it is please let me know via the contact form. If I stumble upon it in the mean time Sebastian, I'll let you know. Thanks

Any idea where Kevin meets the Pigeon Lady in Home Alone 2 in Central Park?
Requested by Donna, Kristin & Arvind Ramanarayanan for the movie Home Alone 2

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Everyone, thanks for your request. This is another location that's been hard to track down, especially as I don't live in New York and can't just go looking for it! I've now found it and confirmed via photos found on the internet, that the bridge where Kevin first meets the Pigeon Lady is called the Gapstow Bridge and it's in the south east of Central Park. I've added the location to my Home Alone 2 Movie Locations Page. Thanks!

The address of the Pacific Heights home used in movie.
Requested by Steve Gratz for the movie Mrs. Doubtfire

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Steve, If you've seen the film you already know the address! The address given in the film (2640 Steiner Street) is the actual address of the house! I've now added the details to my Mrs Doubtfire Filming Locations Page. Thanks

Rocky's apartment. Everyone says South Philly but I have been there many times and there is no train that runs above ground as scene in the movies.
Requested by Matt for the movie Rocky

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Matt, It does appear to be South Philly looking on the maps. Rocky's Apartment is at 1818 E Tusculum St. If you've got Google Earth you can see the apartment with the over head rail way lines nearby. I've added this location to my Rocky Movie Locations Page. Remember though, someone lives here so be respectful if/when you visit. Thanks!

The location where Mary Jane is dropped off after Spidey rescues her from potential death. The Green Goblin has just wrecked havoc on "Times Square". She is dropped off in a garden which I believe is on top of a building. Two other's are in the garden and in the backdrop is this huge edifice that looks like a church. I hope this wasn't another computer generated location. Thank you.
Requested by Iris Grattan for the movie Spiderman

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Iris. Thanks for the request! It's taken a while but I've finally found the roof top garden. It's in New York and it's on top of the Rockerfeller Center. More info can be found on the Spider-man Movie Locations Page. Thanks!

The scene where the car goes over the bridge.
Requested by Gareth for the movie Vanilla Sky

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Gareth I've managed to find that location, and I've added it to my Vanilla Sky page. Cheers

Hi Jeff. Is the Poltergeist house the same one as used in E.T.?
Requested by John for the movie E.T.

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi John, It's not the same house, however if you're in LA and have a car they are only about 45 minutes drive from each other. I've uploaded details to find the house from E.T and they can be found Here. Thanks, Jeff

Browns Motel
Requested by Tahz for the movie Micheal

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Tahz, We haven't actually seen that film yet. We'll rent it on DVD soon to use for reference and will get back to you as soon as we have some details. Thanks

Hi there,

I know you've got the locations for one of these movies (Dawn of the Dead) but do you know the locations for the others in this series (Night of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead and Land of the Dead) Thanks.
Requested by Marcos for the movie Dead series

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Maros, We don't have any specific details for those available at the moment. We do know Day of the Dead was shot in Fort Meyers, Florida. We'll see what we can find and will email you as soon as we can get more specific locations for those movies. Thanks

The Ghostbustes fire station
Requested by George for the movie Ghotstbusters

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi George The Ghostbusters Fire Station is already on the website on both the Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 page. Thanks

The address of Grace's design studio?
Requested by Natassia for the movie - nay TV Series Will & Grace

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Natassia, At the moment we've not got any information on TV Filming Locations. However we're hoping to change that and we're currently working on a partner site As soon as it goes live I'll email you and hopefully we'll have Grace's Design Studio on there for you. Thanks

What is the name of the toy store Kevin was hiding out in.
Requested by Andrea for the movie Home Alone 2

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Andrea, The name of the Toy Store in the film was Duncan's Toy Chest although it doesn't exist in real life. I've included some more information on our Home Alone 2 Page. Thanks

A while back on the internet, there was a site joking about how "Star Wars" wasn't so long ago or so far away, showing actual locations and "archaeological" ruins from the set. Since this is entirely related, maybe you know of this site or possibly point out some locations of the filming. This is probably very difficult to do as it seems to have been filmed in many different countries.
Requested by hiroshi for the movie Star Wars

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Hi Hiroshi, I've not seen the site you mention, however I can give you some information. Luke's home from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope is actually a fully functioning hotel in Matmata, Tunisia. It's The Sidi Driss hotel. You can read more about it here. I hope to do a full feature on Star Wars in the coming months, I still need to locate a couple of locations though. Thanks!

Where is Mickey's Gym

Requested by Michael for the movie Rocky

Jeff!Jeffs Response
Mickey's Gym is located at 2147 N. Front Street, Philadelphia. The area has changed a lot, however if you're a fan it should be quite easy to recognise the building structure. Don't forget Adrian's Pet Shop is right across the street.

Can you tell me where I can find the Dude's house?
Requested by Christian for the movie The Big Lebowski

Jeff!Jeffs Response
At the moment I don't know where it is, but I'll keep looking. If anyone knows where it is you can let me know via the contact page. Thanks!