Movie Locations Guide

Ordinary people star finding out they have special powers. Evolution? Consipracy? Only 1 things for certain, they must save the cheerleader, to save the world.

Union Wells High School

Union Wells High School is the school attended by Claire Bennet and her friend Zach. This location has featured in several episodes, most noticeably episode 1x09 - Homecoming. Golden Valley High School is the location used for filming.

Movie Location:
27051 Robert C. Lee Pkwy, Santa Clarita, , California, USA

Hiro and Ando's Museum Visit

In episode 1x12 - Godsend, Hiro's quest takes him and Ando to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Hiro uses his powers here to get something he needs to help fulfill is destiny

Movie Location:
900 Exposition Boulevard, Los Angeles, , California, USA

1x17 - Company Man Bridge

This bridge featured twice in the episode Company Man, and I'm sure we'll see more of it in the future.

Movie Location:
Big Tujunga Canyon Road, Tujunga, , California, USA

1x21/22 - Kirby Plaza

In episodes 21 and 22 of the first series of Heroes, we see the company Bennett works for has an office at Kirby Plaza in New York. However, "Kirby Plaza" is a made up name and in reality the location is in Los Angeles.

Movie Location:
515 S Flower St, Los Angeles, , California, USA